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Adding -ing or -ed to words ending in silent e

To add the suffix -ing or -ed toa word ending in silent e, first drop the e, then add the suffix (Joking, joked)
Adding -ing or -ed to a one-syllable word that ends in one vowel and one consonant
To add the suffix, double the last consonant and then add the suffix (hopped, hopping)
Adding -ing or to a word ending in y
To add the suffix to a word ending in y, just add ing
Adding -ing or -ed to all other words...
just add the suffix!
a groups of sentences that tell about a mail idea. paragraphs are indented.
Parts of a Friendly Letter
Heading, greeting, body, closing, signature
Making a word ending in y plural
If a word ends with a consonant and y, and you want to make it plural, change the y to i and add -es
Singular Possessive Noun--tells that something belongs to someone or something
To make a singular possessive noun, add an 's (apostrophe and s)
Plural Possesiive Noun--tells that something belongs to a group of people or things
To make a plural possessive noun, add an apostrophe after the final s (ladies')