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T OR F: In order for ball to be thrown, must be brought from feet to hands
Penalty Kick
1 pt
How long can you hold the ball for?
3 sec
On a kickoff, how far must ball travel before kicking teeam may touch?
10 yds or touched by opponant
What results from a contact/personal foul against defense in end zone?
penalty kick
When ball goes outta bounds, it is put back in play with a _________ by the opposing team
throw in
Field Goal
3 pt
Drop Kick
2 pt
1 pt
Violation outside penalty area
indirect free kick
violation in one's own end zone
indirect free kick by opponants
how many steps is a player allowed to take if receiving the ball when running? If standing?
standing: 1
For a jump ball, how far away should all the players be?
5 yds
indirect free kick
someone touched ball before score
Does the goalie have special privies for sfhs?
oohhh yeah baby
wedge ball, roll ball up leg, convert by grabbing w/ hands
roll up
lifting the ball w/ 2 feet & catching ball in air
two-foot lift
roll ball backward, lift backward rolling ball w/ toe & catching ball from toe lift
one-foot lift
immediately kicking ball after dropping it from hands
drop kicking
droping ball to ground, and kicking it upon ground contact