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What is Cybernetics?
The computer-like function of the brain to interpret and store information.
What is language?
A system of human communication based on speech sounds used in arbitrary symbols.
6 ways you learn language?
(1) Input
(2) Storage
(3) Stimulus
(4) Search
(5) Recall
(6) Output
Emotive means...
To express emotion
Phatic is used for...
to fulfill social obligations (small talk)
Cognitive is...
exchanging info
Rhetorical is used as an...
Identifying means...
to describe or categorize
5 Functions of language?
(1) Emotive
(2) Phatic
(3) Cognitive
(4) Rhetorical
(5) Identifying
Connotation means...
thoughts, feelings & interpretations of the word
Denotation means...
strict dictionary definition of the word
Sapir-Whorf (linguistic determinism) says what?
As humans we use language to impose order in the world
What is the Closure Principle?
We have a natural tendency to want to fill in gaps
High context relies more on what?
Low context relies more on what?
the context and what is said
Slang is..?
"In group" words
Euphemisms are?
Polite substitutes to avoid offending anyone
Relative words are required for what?
mutual understanding
Direct communicators have _____ reliance on nonverbals
Indirect Communicators have ________ reliance on nonverbals
Circular communicators are what?
loosely connected stories
Linear communicators have what?
strong organization
Attached communicators involve what?
subject emotion
Detached communicators are what?
Substituting is when...?
Nonverbals take the place of verbals
Complimenting is when...?
Nonverbals add to the meaning of verbals
Conflicting is...?
when verbals and nonverbals don't match up
Accenting is when...
Nonverbals intensify the verbals
What is Kinesics?
Use of the body
What are Facsics?
Facial expressions