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listeners views of speakers confidence, energy and enthusiasm
primacy theory?
assumption that speakers should place strongerst argument at the beginning
recency theory?
assumption that speaker should place strongest argument at the end
argument by example/ inductive argument?
says what is true of few intensities is true generally
argument by analogy?
says what is true in one case will b tru in another
argument by cause?
says that one action caused or will cause another
deductive argument
says what is true generally will be true in a specific instance
argument by authority?
uses testimony from expert source 2 prove speakers claim
test of arument by authority?
1. source an expert?
2.source unbiased?
test of argument by deduction?
1.premises relate?
2.major premise true?
3.minor premise true?
test of argument by cause?
1.casual relationship exist?
2.presumed cause produce effect?
3.effect result from other cause?
test of argument by anology?
1.similarities of 2 cases relevant? differences relevant?
test of argument by example?
1.are examples true?
2.examples relevant?
3.examples sufficient?
4.examples representative?
fallacies of argument?
1.hasty generalization
2.false aalogy hoc ergo propter hoc
4.slippery slope herring
6.appeal 2 tradition
7.false dilemma
8.false authority
9.bandwagon hominem
steps 2 monroes motivated sequence?
1.getting the audiences attention
2.establishing a need
3.offering a proposal 2 satisfy a need
4.inviting visitors 2 visualize results
5.requesting action