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pros/ cons impromptu?
-good 4 informal situations
-the more improtant the speech the more inapropriate impromptu is
pros/cons of memory?
-speak from memory when we prepare a written text then memorize it
-fear of forgetting part of the speech makes us sound mechanical
pros/cons of manuscript?
-ensures that speaker will not be at loss from words
-doesnt ensure effective delivery, must be written like convo
pros/cons extemporaneously?
-dont have 2 worry about a way of wording your ideas
-take time 2 develope speech content and kno ur audience
element of vocal delivery?
1.rate and pause
3.pitch and inflection
4.voice quality
change in a persons pitch level
voice quality/timbre?
distinguishes one persons voice from another
forming sounds neccesary to communicate in a particular language
facial expression?
tension and ovement of various parts of a speakers face
why do we use presentational aids?
1. add clarity 2 speakers message
2.reinforce message impact
3.increase speaker dynamism
4.enhances speaker confidence
3 dimensional model used during delivery
2 dimensional visual aid (pic,graph)
photograph, painting, drawing, used 2 make point more vivid
before speech..
1.determine info 2 present visually type of aid best suited 2 ur resources
3.ensure easy viewing
4.make sure aid communicate info clearly
5.construct aid professional in appearance
6.practice using ur aid
7.arrange for safe transportation of aid
8.carry backup supplies
9.properly position aid
10.test presentational aid
during speech
1.reveal aid when ur ready 4 it 2 audience-not aid!
3.refer 2 aid
4.keep aid in view until audience understands ur point
5.conceal aid after u've made ur point
6.use handout w/ caution