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Define communication.
the process of people sharing thoughts, ideas, and feelings with each other in commonly understandable ways.
Define the sender.
the source of the message
Define the receiver.
the interpreter of the message.
What do they mean by being stimulated?
an internal or external stimulus triggers a thought, which in turn triggers the desire to communicate.
What is motivation?
seeing personal benefit in communicating
Define encoding.
the process of putting a message into the form in which it will be communicated.
Define decoding.
the process the receiver goes through in trying to interpret the exact meaning of a message.
Define frame of reference.
our own background and experiences.
Define code.
the symbols that carry the message
Define channel.
the medium selected to carry the message.
Define feedback.
the verbal and visual response to a message
Define descriptive feedback.
tactfully honest and objective
Define evaluative feedback.
judgemental and accusatory.
Define environment.
includes the time, place, physical and social surroundings in which the communicators find themselves.