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John R. Bolton, the president's controversial choice to be ambassador to the United Nations, will likely win a party-line vote in the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, according to the panel's chairman.
Associated Press, "Lugar: Bolton win likely." CNN news
9 May 2005. 9 May 2005
Senate Democrats warned Thursday they might delay a vote on President Bush's pick for U.N. ambassador a second time unless the State Department turns over documents requested by the Foreign Relations Committee.
Andrea Koppel, "Biden warns delay possible on Bolton." CNN news 5 May 2005. 9 May 2005 <>.
President Bush pitched his newly remodeled Social Security solvency plan to blue-collar workers Tuesday as the White House signaled that he wasn't wedded to a particular formula for reducing promised future benefits.
Associated Press, "Bush pushes revised social security plan." CNN news 3 May 2005. 9 May 2005
President Bush's chief of staff appealed on Sunday for congressional Democrats to work with the administration and Republicans rather than complain and stall action on Capitol Hill.
Associated Press, "Card: Dems should work with us." Cnn news 2 May 2005. 9 May 2005 <>.
Talking tough, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice informed North Korea on Monday the United States is able to defend itself and its allies against nuclear and missile threats.
Associated Press, "Rice assures allies their security will be guarded." Cnn News 2 May 2005. 9 May 2005 <>.
Concerned parents accompanied their children to Beulah Park Elementary School on Tuesday morning, a day after two second-grade girls were found stabbed to death in a nearby park.
CNN, "Police: 'No soolid leads' or suspects in probe." CNN new 10 May 2005.
10 May 2005 <>.
Peter Rodino, the House Judiciary Committee chairman who directed the impeachment investigation of President Richard Nixon, died Saturday at his New Jersey home. He was 95.
Reuters, "Peter Rodino, who led Nixon investigation, dies." CNN news 8 May 2005. 10 May 2005 <>.
Officials bought 15 pizzas to secure the release of a guard who had been held for 42 hours by inmates at an Australian top-security prison, police said Monday.
Associated Press, "Pizza delivery ends prison hostage standoff." CNN news 9 May 2005. 10 May 2005 <>.
Canada's political crisis could come to a crunch on Tuesday when Parliament votes on a motion censuring the minority Liberal government.
Reuters, "Ottawa faces key censure vote." CNN news 9 May 2005. 10 May 2005 <>.
-- Forget the freebie trips across the Atlantic and the Pacific. Forget the casinos and the allegedly illicit contributions -- they represent only degrees of avarice.
Creators Sindicate, "The real scandal of Tom DeLay." CNN news 9 May 2005. 10 May 2005 <>.
A conservative watchdog group with a history of dogging the Clintons urged a Senate panel on Monday to investigate Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton over a Hollywood fundraiser for which a former staffer faces charges.
Associated Press, "Conservative group seeks probe of Sen. Clinton's Hollywood fundraiser." CNN news 9 May 2005. 10 May 2005 <>.
Two Republican members of the House ethics committee recused themselves Wednesday from any investigation of House Majority Leader Tom DeLay, saying their presence on the panel could pose a potential conflict of interest because they both contributed to DeLay's legal defense fund.
Ted Barrett, "Two Repulicans won't join DeLay ethics probe." CNN news 5 May 2005. 10 May 2005 <>.
American Indian tribes, now flush with tremendous casino wealth, may be the most intriguing new political force in America today.
CNN, "Betting on American Indians." CNN news 3 May 2005. 10 May 2005 <>.
Since he emerged as a leading character in the controversy over House majority leader Tom DeLay's ethical standards, Washington lobbyist Jack Abramoff has been famously tight-lipped.
Adam Zagorin, "Jack in the box." CNN news 2 May 2005. 10 May 2005 <>.
This week a beleaguered minority enjoyed a rare victory in American politics -- rare enough to make it the political Play of the Week.
Bill Schneider, "DeLay debate creates rare victory." CNN news 29 April 2005. 10 May 2005 <>.
Congress narrowly passed a $2.6 trillion budget Thursday that would cut back spending on the Medicaid health care program for the first time since 1997 in a step toward trimming federal deficits.
Associated Press, "Congress-passed budget plan targets Medicaid." CNN news 29 April 2005. 10 May 2005 <>.
The House voted overwhelmingly Wednesday to reverse Republican-written rules that led Democrats to shut down the ethics committee.
Associated Press, "House reverses ethics rule changes." CNN news 27 April 2005. 10 May 2005 <>.
President Bush on Tuesday gave embattled House Majority Leader Tom DeLay a high-profile, in-person show of support, warmly thanking the Texas Republican, who is facing allegations of ethical improprieties, for his leadership in Congress.
Associated Press, "Bush shows support for DeLay." CNN news 26 April 2005. 10 May 2005 <>.
Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist was telling conservatives on Sunday that judges deserve "respect, not retaliation," no matter how they rule, and he defended his effort to strip Democrats of their ability to block votes on President Bush's court nominees.
Associated Press, "Frist defends efforst to end judicial filibusters." CNN news 24 April 2005. 10 May 2005 <>.
For the fifth time in four years the House has approved a far-reaching energy bill. Unresolved is whether the Senate will be able to put together legislation that both chambers can embrace.
Associated Press, "Senate may not embrace House energy priorities." CNN news 22 April 2005. 10 May 2005 <>.