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President Bush said Thursday that embattled House Majority Leader Tom DeLay has been an effective leader and he looks forward to continue working with him despite the charges of ethical violations that the congressman is fighting.
Associated Press, "Delay":
Whipping Boy or Poster
Boy?" CNN news 15 April
2005. 8 May 2005
Majority Republicans are chipping away at Senate Democrats' ability to defeat a change in internal rules involving filibusters -- the Democrats' most potent weapon to block GOP legislation and judicial appointees they oppose.
Associated Press, "GOP
building support for
filibuster rule change."
CNN news 18 April 2005.
8 May 2005 <>.
House Speaker Dennis Hastert said Thursday that he fully supports his embattled Majority Leader Tom DeLay and will do so until it's proven he violated the chamber's rules by accepting trips from lobbyists.
Ted Barrett, "House speaker
defends DeLay." CNN news
14 April 2005. 8 May 2005
WASHINGTON (CNN) -- House Majority Leader Tom DeLay spoke about the virtue of humility Thursday, telling a gathering to imagine what could be accomplished "if we spent less time ducking responsibility and more time welcoming it."
CNN, "DeLay calls for
humility, responsibility."
CNN news 5 May 2005. 8
May 2005 <>.
A lobbyist under scrutiny for charging Indian tribes millions of dollars is now facing a call for a congressional investigation into his work for the government of the Northern Mariana Islands.
Associated Press,
"Congressman calls for
probe of lobbyist's
activities." CNN news 4
May 2005. 8 May 2005
President Bush, stunned when John R. Bolton's nomination for United Nations ambassador hit a Republican road bump, is working hard to avoid a political setback at the outset of his second term when senators hold a showdown vote next week.
Associated Press, "White
House fights for Bolton
nomination." 3 May 2005.
8 May 2005 <>.