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passive listening
attitude that causes audience 2b lazy while speaker is speaking
discrimitive listening
single out 1 particular sound from noisy enviorment
empathic listening
encourages ppls 2 tlk freely w.o fear of embarassment
critical listening
evaluate wat they hear and decide if speaker's info is logical and ocntent
clebrity/expert agreement w. msg
flase comparison
comparing unlike things
jump in band wagon
pursuasive technique based on need 2 conform
stack on deck
give only 1 side of story
name calling
giving some1 negative label w.o evidence
door openers
invitation; more acceptance, intrest, and understandin then plain silence
use emotional barrierp [based on background and personality] to asorb info selectively
repeat in own words
cover main idea w.o extra words
active listening
listner listens and participates communication w. speaker
appreciative listening
listen appreciative; enjoy
listening spare tiem
thinking the time created w. ability to listen faster then ppls speak