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What are the metaskills?
Cultural sensitivity, mindfulness, and flexibility
What does communication punctuation mean?
Clear beginning and end
What is decoding?
Extract meaning from a code.
What are the 4 parts of Johari' window?
Open, blind, hidden, and unknown
What is intentional orientation and how do you fix it.
Stereotyping. Extentional orientation.
What's paralanguage?
Pitch and emphasis.
List types of noise.
Physical, psychological, physiological, semantics
Name Role Requirements.
Purpose, climate, transmission, reception, organization, coping with barriers.
Define Climate
credibility, interpersonal attraction.
Define transmission
harmony between words we use and unspoken messages.
Define Reception
Receiveing feedback from others.
Identify feed forward.

4 reasons it is used?
info you send before primary message
1 open the channel of communication
2 preview
3 altercast- ask to listen in a certain role
4 disclaim- protect self from being viewed negativley
What are emblems
gestures that can be translated into exact words Ex. Peace sign.
Disconfirmation and confirmation
indirect speech and direct speech
Types of interview question
neutral vs. biased
primary vs. follow up
direct vs. indirect
Define Unlawful question
age, marital status, race religion,ect.
must relate to ability to do job
Define Symmetrical and complementary relationships
symmetrical-partners mirror eachother
complementary-act opposite
Define Self concept, esteem, awareness
concept-view ur self
esteem-how u value u feel about self
glass= self that others show u
What are the steps in conversation?
opening, feed forward, business, feedback, closing
Types of feedback
high monitored ect.
Types of disclaimers
Hedging-seperate from message
Credentialing-argues not disqualified for what you say
sin licenses-permission to violate norm
cognitive-not crazy
Appeal for suspen. of judg.-hear you out
Communication is
inevitable, unrepeatable, irreversable.
Define back channeling
head nods, type of feedback
black and white, extremes
Define Fact inference confusion
Define Static evaluation.
think things don't change.
Define bypassing
sender and reciever have diff meanings for same word or diff words for same meaning
Define Leveling
Define assimilation
Define meta communication
denotative, conotative.
denotative dictionary definition. conotative emotional meaning
Difference between men and women in content relationships.
4 interview structures
standard open-job
guided-gen topic
8 steps in interviewing
pick person
make appointment
prepare questions
establish rapport
ask to tape
close w/ appreciation
follow up
4 types of context
social psychological
Communication Accomidation Theory
you adjust to the speaking style of the listeners = social approval and efficiency

Affect displays
gesture left when saying go left=enhance verbal

facial expressions
adaptors ( type of nonverbal)
movments that satify a personal need
central markers
Boundary "
items u place in a territory to reserve it
Boundary- fence
ear-indicate possession of object/territory
5 stages of conversation
what is leveling?
message distortion-details are dropped when repeated
fact-interence confusion
when you make an inference and act as if it was fact
meta communication
communication about communication
static evaluation
think things don't change