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agradar(le) (a uno)
to like
alcanzar(le) (a uno)
to have enough
caer(le) bien/mal (a uno)
to create a good/bad impression, to like
convenir(le) (a uno)
to suit(one's) interests, to be good for
costar(le) trabajo (a uno)
to be hard(for one), to have a hard time(-ing form)
dar(le) lástima (a uno)
to feel sorry for
disgustar(le) (a uno)
to dislike
encantar(le) (a uno)
to delight, to charm, to be delighted with
extrañar(le) (a uno)
to be suprised
fascinar(le) (a uno)
to delight, to charm, to fascinate, to be fascinated by
hacer(le) falta (a uno)
to need
importar(le) (a uno)
to matter(to one), to mind
interesar(le) (a uno)
to interest(one), to be interested in
molestar(le) (a uno)
to bother(one), to be bothered by
parecer(le) (a uno)
to seem(to one)
preocupar(le) (a uno)
to worry, to be worried by
quedar(le) (a uno)
to have left
quedar(le) bien/mal (grande, pequeno) (a uno)
to fit right(badly), to be unbecoming, to be too large/small
resultar(le) agradable/desagradable/doloroso/triste (a uno)
to be(turn out to be) pleasant/unpleasant/painful
sobrar(le) (a uno)
to have in excess, to have more than enough, to have left over
sorprender(le) (a uno)
to be suprised
tocar(le) el turno/una rifa (a uno)
to be(one's turn), to win(a lottery)