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conocer (preterite)
met (for the first time)
conocer (imperfect)
knew; was aquainted with
saber (preterite)
found out; learned
saber (imperfect)
knew about; had knowledge of
querer (preterite)(affirmative) (quiso)
tried; made an attempt
querer (preterite) (negative) (no quiso)
querer (imperfect) (aff. and neg.)
wanted/ didn't want
poder (preterite) (affirmative)
succeeded in; managed to do something
poder (preterite) (negative) (no pudo)
failted to
poder (imperfect) (aff. and neg.)
was (not) able to
hay(haber) (preterite)
there was/were; occurred; happened
hay(haber) (imperfect)
there was/were; there existed