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What watery substance fills the anterior eye cavity?
aqueous humor
name the marked structures
structures of the eye
What gel-like substance fills the posterior eye cavity?
vitreous humor
The ______ and ______ make up the fibrous tunic.
cornea; sclera
1) pinna
2) temporal bone
3) tympanic membrane
4) semi-circular canals
5) cochlea
6) vestibular nerve
7) external canal
8) hammer
9) anvil
10) stirrup
11) auditory tube
name the marked structures
the middle, pigmented layer of the eye
choroid layer
The choroid layer contains the ___ and _____ structures.
ciliary body; iris
white connective tissue layer of the eye
fibrous tunic (sclera)
modified sebaceous glands that lubricate the eye
meibomian glands
what is the conjuctiva?
red lining of eyelid
smooth muscle that attaches the lens to the iris of the eye
ciliary body
innermost tunic of the eye
sensory tunic, or retina
____ provide black and white and peripheral vision, while ____ receive color information.
Rods; cones
blind spot where the optic nerve leaves the eyeball
optic disc
area containing only cones; provides for greatest visual acuity
fovea centralis
similar to blood plasma; provides nutrients to lens and cornea
aqueous humor
Aqueous humor is reabsorbed into venous blood through the ______.
canal of Schlemm
What is refraction?
bending of light rays when light passes from one medium and meets the surface of a different medium
During accommodation for close vision, do the ciliary muscles contract or relax?
the ciliary muscle contracts and pulls the ciliary body inward and anteriorly
What is the clinical term for someone who has problems seeing close objects?
What is the clinical term for someone who has problems seeing distant objects?
What is the clinical name for "old person's vision" or gradual loss of accommodation with age?
The sensory hair cells of the organ of Corti are supported on the___ ____.
basilar membrane