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traumatic brain injury definition:
-caused by external force
-results in total or partial functional disability or psychosocial impairment
-adversely affects ed. performance
-open and closed head injuries
-congential or degenerative head injuries excluded
5 parts
accidents, falls, violence, and sports/recreation are all _____ of TBI
seizures, poor coordination, weakness, fatigue, headaches, spasticity, sensory impairments are all _____ _____ characteristics
physical change
attention, memory, reasoning skills, and judgement are all _____ _____ characteristics
cognitive change
receptive language, written lang, aphasia, and dysnomia, are all ______ _______ characteristics
linguistic change
lack of motivation, inhibition, poor self-monitoring skills, and inability to interpret social cues are ______ ______ characteristics
social change
postconcussional syndrome is a ____ _____ ____ _____
mild closed head injury
training to reacquire fine motor skill is _______ _____
occupational therapy
_____ is an inability to use language appropriately
______ is poor self monitoring skills