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ad hoc
for a specific purpose or situation
ad nauseam
mean to a disgusting or sickening degree; to the point of nausea
caveat emptor
the principle that the buyer is solely responsible for checking the quality of a product before buying it.
literally: "buyer beware"
ipso facto
by the very fact
"by the fact itself"
cum lause
means with honor/distinction
modus operandi
a method of operation or working (often abbreviated as m.o.)
modus vivendi
"a manner of living; a way of life"
non sequiter
"it does not follow" a conclusion or statement that does not logically follow from what is said before it
quid pro quo
refers to something giben in return for something else
"this for that"
original, almost always shown with brackets around it, it signals that the grammatical error is a part of the original text
sine quo non
menas it's an essential bondtion or element; a prerequisite
a priori
reasoning from cause to effect or from the general to the particular
carpe diem
"sieze the day"
deus ex machina
an unexpected or contrived solution to a seemingly intractable problem
"god from the machine"
e pluribus unum
one out of many, "from many, one"
with deference to; contrary to the opinion of "permission"
a period of peace and stability in international affairs dominated by a single military power
meper fidelis or semper fi
always faithful; motto of marine corps
sui generis
one of a kind; unique
tabula rasa
a clean slate; a mind without preconcieved notions
A.D. or anno domini
in th year of the lord
cf or confer
e.g. or exempli gratia
for example
et al. or et alia
and others
etc. or et cetera
and so on
i.e. or id est
that is
ibid or ibidem
in the same place
n.b. or nota bene
note well
p.s. or postscriptum
marks additional text in a letter or note
au contraire
means on the contrary
carte blanche
an unrestricted authority; full discretionary power "white card"
c'est la vie
the way things sometimes happen "that's life"
comme ci, comme ca
means so-so; "like this, like that"
coup d'etat
an overthrow of a government; "a blow against the state"
de rigueur
means that it's required by social convention or current fashion; "of rigor"
faux pas
a social blunder
je ne sais quoi
to refer to a quality or characteristic that's difficult to describe
le mot juste
the exact right word for a given situation or occasion
bon mot
"a clever remark; a witticism"
noveau riche
the class of people who have recently become rich
deja vu
the feeling that you have previously experienced something that you are in fact experiencing for the first time
a person who has recently risen to a high position of wealth or power
a person who has recently risen to a higher social or economic status but who doesn't have the prestige or dignity normally associated with that status
enfant terrible
a person known for making shocking remarks or for outrageous behavior
haute couture
the leading fashion designers as well as the fashions they create
born as; formerly known as
joi de vivre
the intense or carefree enjoyment of life
noblesse oblige
the obligation people of high status or rank have to act in a honorable, responsible, and benevolent manner
nom de plume
a fictious name or pseudonym used by a writer
plus ca change
the more some things change around us, the more we realize that life at its core basically remains the same
clothing that cam be worn off the rack
raison d'etre
the reason or justification for something's exsistence
roman a clef
a novel in which real people or events are disguised wiht fictional names
a highway or expressway
a stupid person
a blackguard or scoundrel
an unmarried young woman
house wife
pleasure derived from the misfortune fo others
describes something that is forbidden or prohibited
a person who shows extraordinary talent or who has great sucess at a young age; a child prodigy
kind (german)
the overall cultural, moral, and intellectual climate of an era or generation
a novel that chronicles the moral and intellectual development of a child
a ghostly counterpart of a living person, especially one who haunts that person
a form of politics that is concerned only with what is possible and praticle in a given situation
a comprehensive outlook or philosphy of the world or the human life
a mood of sentimental sadness or romantic pessimism caused by comparing the poor state of the real world with an idealized view of what the world could or should be.
house, residence, building
a large estate, ranch, or plantation; a mansion on such estate
hasta la viesta
see you later, until I see you again
lacking the means or ability to communicate
que sera sera
being resigned to whatever happens in the future; "what will be, will be"
a capella
withoute instrumental accompaniement
a vocal piece sung solo
goodbye; until we meet again
a child or baby
capo d'i tutti capo
the boss of bosses, particularly the head of an organized syndicate
freelance photographers who aggressicely pursue celebrities to take candid pictures ot sell to newspapers and magazines
an open, public square within a town
prima donna
a leading female singer in an opera company
audacity, nerve or gall in extreme degree
to look on and offer meddlesom unwanted advice
fit to eat under Jewish dietary law; proper or legitimate
to complain habitually and whiningly
mazel tov
an expression of congratulations used upon the completion of a successful or happy event
an admirable, honorable person, especially one who exhibits integrity and fortitude
crazy, nonsensical
oy vey
an interjection used to express suprise, despair, horror, pain, or relief
something that is of inferiority or shoddy quality
a cheap peice of clothing
a cheap knickknack or trinket