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What advantages does a parametric EQ have compared to a Graphic EQ?
Adjustable Center Frequency
Adjustable Bnadwidth
What is complimentary equalization?
Creating the inverse of the problem.
Match center frequency and bandwidth and inverse the gain.
What is error in center frequency?
When the correction and the problem do not match in center frequency.
What is error in bandwidth?
When the correction and the problem do not match in bandwidth.
What is comb filtering?
Two signals arriving at different times in equal amplitude.
What are the 2 independent factors that determine the magnitude and frequency responce of comb filtering?
Time and Level Offset
How do you calculate for comb filtering?
time (sec)
Then divide by 2 to find first null.
Why is it called comb filtering?
On a linear scale it looks like the bristles of a comb.
What actions can you take to reduce comb filtering?
Time Alignment
Offset Levels
High Pass Filters
Why are Graphic EQs blamed for poor results when trying to correct comb filtering?
It's a time problem!
4 Causes of comb filtering?
2 Mics (Different Distances summed together)
DI & Mic Interaction
Speaker Interaction
What is the Procedure Menu - Pretest used for?
Check continuity of the system - such as the EQ, speaker, and the mic.
What is Procedure menu - Show used for?
Generator and Branch Muting are disabled. You cannot go back into the menus except for Post Process and Quit.
What is Procedure Menu -Post Process used for?
Allows you to look at the information but you cannot change anything.
What is the inverted EQ?
An upsidedown EQ - a cut looks like a boost (Green Line)
How does the feedback finder work?
A peak hold RTA.
How many traces are you able to see at one time using the SIM II 2.3S?
How many memory groups are in each branch?