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to set the table
poner la mesa
to make dinner
preparar la cena
to vacuum
pasar la aspiradora
to decorate the patio
decorar el patio
to straighten the living room
arreglar la sala
To visit a museum
visitar un museo
to know the downtown
conocer el centro
to go shopping at the market
ir de compras al mercado
to go to the zoo
ir al zoologico
Can I help you?
Yes, vacuum the living room and clean the bathroom.
Puedo ayudarte?
Si pasa la asiradora en la sala y limpia el bano
What needs to be done in the kitchen?
I have to put the dessert and drinks in therefrigerator
Que hay que hacer en la cocina?
Tenemos que poner el postre/los refrescos en el refrigerador.
What else do I have to do?
You should wash the dishes and take out the garbage.
Que mas tengo que hacer? Deber lavar los platos/sacar la basura.
Anything else?
Don't forget to cut the grass and make dinner.
Algo mas?
Si, no te olvides de cortar el cesped y preparar le cena.
living room
la sala
the yard
el jardin
the bathroom
el bano
the dining room
el comedor
the bedroom
el habitacion
the kitchen
la cocina
What do you want to do this afternoon?
I want to go out.
Que quieres hacer esta tarde? Quiero salir.
Where do you plan to go tonight? We are going to go to the theatre or the movies.
Adonde piensan ir esata noche? Vamos a ir al teatro or el cine.
Do you prefer to go downtown or to...?
I prefer to go..
Prefieres ir al centro o a...?
Yo prefiero ir a ...
Do you have plans for Saturday?
I don't know. I feel like resting.
Tienes planes para el sabado?
No se. Tengo ganas de descansar.
to be in a hurry
tener prisa
to be hot
tener calor
to be cold
tener frio
to be thirsty
tener sed
to be sleepy
tener sueno
to be humgry
tener hambre
to be lucky
tener suerte
to be X years old
Tener X anos
to have to
tener que + infinitive
to feel like
tener ganas
should or ought to
to be able to
I can
poder (o -ue)
yo puedo
to plan to
I plan to
pensar (e- ie)
Yo pienso
to prefer
I prefer
preferir (e- ie)
yo prefiero
to want

I want
querer (e-ie)

yo quiero
to like to /pleasing to one
me, te gusta
por que?
quien (es)?
how many?
how much?
cuantos (as)?
cuanto (a)?
Direct Objects for:
yo (me)
tu (you)
usted (masc and fem)(you)
el (him, it)
ella (her, it)
me = me
you (fam)= tu
you (formal/masc)= lo
you (formal/fem) = her, it
Direct Object for:

nosotros(as)-- us
vosotros(as) -- you
ustedes (masc) -- you
usteded (fem) -- you
ellos -- them
ellas -- them
us = nos
you all familiar = os
you plural masculine = los
you plural feminine = las
them masculine = los
them feminine = las