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to approach, to go near
acercarse a
to become accustomed to, to get used to
acostumbrarse a
to become fond of
aficionarse a
to resemble, to look like
asemejarse a
to attend
asisitir a
to appear at, to lean out of, to look out of
asomarse a
to face, to look out on, to open on
dar a
to be due to
deberse a
to devote oneself to
dedicarse a
to assign to
destinar a
to go to, to go toward
dirigirse a
to enter
entrar a
to be absent from
faltar a
to go to
ir a
to play a sport or a game
jugar a
to limit oneself to
limitarse a
to get to be, to arrive at, to reach a place
llegar a
to smell of, to smell like
oler a
to be opposed to
oponerse a
to resemble, to look like
parecerse a
to proceed to, to pass on to
pasar a
to refer to
referirse a
to give up, renounce
renunciar a
to resign oneself to
resignarse a
to taste of or like
saber a
to sound like
sonar a
to get on, to get into, to climb into
subir a
to threaten to
amenazar con
to put up with, to be satisfied with
conformarse con
to count on, to rely on
contar con
to be satisfied with
contentarse con
to fulfill (an obligation, duty)
cumplir con
to dream of, to dream about
so[n]ar con