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acercarse a
to approach, to get close to
acudir a
to turn to
animar a
to encourage
aprender a
to learn to (do something)
aspirar a
to aspire to (do something)
atreverse a
to dare to (do something)
ayudar a
to help to
comenzar a
to start to (do something)
decidirse a
to decide to (do something)
dedicarse a
to dedicate oneself to
echarse a
to throw oneself towards
enseñar a
to teach
invitar a
to invite (someone) to
ir a
to go (somewhere)
negarse a
to refuse to (do something)
obligar a
to obligate
oponerse a
to oppose (someone or something)
ponerse a
to begin to (do something)
resignarse a
to resign to
volver a
to return to (doing something), to do again
acabar de
to have done
acordarse de
to remember
alegrarse de
to be happy about
cansarse de
to get tried of
deber de
ought to, should
dejer de
to stop doing (something)
depender de
to depend (on)
disfrutar de
to enjoy
enamorarse de
to fall in love (with)
encargarse de
to be in charge (of)
enterarse de
to find out about
gozar de
to enjoy about (something)
informarse de
to find out about
olvidarse de
to forget about
pensar de (opinión)
to think about (like: "What do you think about Shakespeare's sonnets?")
quejarse de
to complain about
reírse de
to laugh about
sufrir de
to suffer from
tener el derecho de
to have the right to
tener ganas de
to want to (have something)
tener la impresión de
to have the impression that
tener miedo de
to have fears about
tratar de
to try to do something
conformarse con
to settle with
casarse con
to get married with, to marry someone
contar con
to count on
dar con
to bump into
soñar con
to dream about
tropezar con
to trip over
comenzar por
to begin by
precocuparse por
to worry about
interesarse por
to take an interest in something
estar por (en/a favor de)
to be in favor of something
estar para (preparado)
to be ready for
caber en
to fit in
consentir en
to concede
consistir en
to consist of
convenir en
to agree on
convertirse en
to become (something)
empeñarse en
to insist on
fijarse en
to focus on, to be aware of
insistir en
to insist upon
pensar en (reflexionar)
to ponder, to think about
quedar en
to be agreed upon
tardar en
to take a long time to do something
a caballo
on horseback
a fines de
at the end of
a la antigua (tradicionalmente)
a la orilla de
at the end of, at the edge of
a lo sumo
at most
al entrar
upon entering
al prender
upon aphrehending, fastening, lightening
al encender la luz
upon lighting
al despegar el avión
upon take-off
al recibir la noticia
upon receiving the news
al terminar
upon finishing
de corazón
from the heart
de acuerdo
"Okay!", in agreement
de hoy en adelante
from now on..
de mal en peor
from bad to worse
de modo que
in such a way that..
de pie
en avión
in the plane
en cambio
on the other hand,
en efecto
en voz alta/ baja
high/low voice
en el fondo
en el quinto infierno
in the fifth hell, far time
en la actualidad
at the present time
en realidad
in reality
por la mañana
in the morning
por la tarde
in the afternoon
por la noche
in the evening
por casualidad
by any chance
por todas partes
all over, everywhere
por lo general
por supuesto
of course
por consiguiente
consequently, therefore
por fin
por eso
for that reason
por nada (de nada)
you're welcome
por lo común
con cariño
with love
con énfasis
with emphasis
con cuidado
with care
con gusto
with pleasure
con permiso
with permission
con razón
rightly so
sin embargo
sin ton ni son,

sin más ni más
neither here nor there
para siempre
para nada
for nothing
para que
in order that