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apoyarse en
to lean on
confiar en
to trust in
consentir (ie, i) en
to consent to
consistir en
to consist of
convenir en
to agree to/on
convertirse (ie, i) en
to become, change into
convertir= to change
empeñarse en
to insist on
empeñar= to oblige
especializarse en
to major in
fijarse en
to notice,
stare at
influir en
to influence
insistir en
to insist on
meterse en
to get involved in
meter= to put in, insert
pensar (ie) en
to think about
reparar en
to notice
reparar= to repair, to notice
quedar en
to agree with
quedar= to remain, stay
tardar en
to delay in
tardar= to delay