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to be accustomed to
acostumbrarse a
to succeed in, manage to
alcanzar a
to learn to
aprender a
to risk
arriesgarse a
to dar to
atreverse a
to help
ayudar a
to go down to
bajar a
to start to
comenzar a
to condemn to
condenar a
to invite to
convidar a, invitar a
to run to
correr a
to decide to
decidirse a
to devote oneself to
dedicarse a
to stop to
detenerse a
to start to
echarse a
to teach to
ensenar a
to enter
entrar a
to send to
enviar a
to incite to
incitar a
to be inclined to
inclinarse a
to go to
ir a
to succed in
llegar a
to order to, to send to
mandar a
to refuse to
negarse a
to force to
obligar a
to be opposed to
oponerse a
to persuade to
persuadir a
to start to
ponerse a
to go out to
salir a
to prepare to
prepararse a
to come to
venir a
to do someting again
volver a
to abstain from
abstenerse de
to finish, to have just
acabar de
to remember
acordarse de
to be glad to
alegrarse de
to be sorry to
to get tired of
cansarse de
to stop
cesar de, terminar de, dejar de, parar de
to take care of
cuidar de
to be careful to
cuidarse de
must, probably be
deber (de)
to take charge of
encargarse de
to forget to
olvidarse de
to try to
tratar de
to be about
tratarse de
to consent to
consentir en
to consist of
consistir en
to agree to
convenir en
to delay in
demorarse en, tardar en
to try hard to , to insist on
empenarse en
to insist on
insistir en
to persist in
obstinarse en, persistir en
to keep busy by
ocuparse en
to think of, about
pensar en
to agree on, to
quedar en
to threaten to
amenazar con
to be content to, to resign ones-self to
conformarse con
to count on, to intend to
contar con
to be satisfied to
conentarse con
to dream of
sonar con
to wind up by -ing
acabar por
to begin by -ing
empezar por
to struggle to
luchar por
to work on behalf of
trabajar por
to end by -ing
terminar por