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to have lunch
almorzar, almuerzo
to close
cerrar, cierro
to find
encontrar, encuentro
to get, to obtain
conseguir, consigo
to count, to tell
contar, cuento
to say, to tell
decir, digo
to sleep
dormir, duermo
to begin
empezar, empiezo, comenzar, comienzo
to understand
entender, entiendo
to do, to make
hacer, hago
to go
ir, voy
to play
jugar, juego
to show
mostrar, muestro
to hear
oir, oigo
to ask for, to request
pedir, pido
to think
pensar, pienso
to intend
pensar + infinitive
to think about
pensar en
to lose, to miss
perder, pierdo
to be able to, can
poder, puedo
to put, to place
poner, pongo
to prefer
preferir, prefiero
to want, to love
querer, quiero
to remember
recordar, recuerdo
to repeat
repetir, repito
to leave
salir, salgo
to follow, to continue
seguir, sigo
to suppose
suponer, supongo
to bring
traer, traigo
to see
ver, veo
to return
volver, vuelvo