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acercarse a
to approach, to go near
acostumbrarse a
to become accustomed to, to become used to
alcanzar a
to succed in, to manage to
animar(se) a
to feel encouraged, energetic to
aprender a
to learn to, to learn how to
apresurarse a
to hurry to
arriesgarse a
to expose oneself to danger, to dare to
asomarse a
to peep, to look out at
aspirar a
to aspire to
atreverse a
to dare to
ayudar a
to help to
comenzar a
to begin to
comprometerse a
to commit onself to
contribuir a
to contribute to
convidar a
to invite to
decidirse a
to decide to
dedicarse a
to devote onself to
desafiar a
to dare to, to challenge to
detenerse a
to pause to, to stop to
determinarse a
to resolve to
dirigirse a
to go to, to go toward
disponerse a
to get ready to
echarse a
to begin to, to start to
empezar a
to begin to, to start to
ensenar a
to teach to
exponerse a
to run the risk of
inclinarse a
to be inclined to
inspirar a
to inspire to
invitar a
to invite to
ir a
to go to
limitarse a
to limit onself to
llegar a
to become, get to be
meterse a
to begin to, to get involved in
negarse a
to refuse to
obligar a
to obligate to
ofrecerse a
to volunteer to, to offer to
oponerse a
to be opposed to
pararse a
to stop to
ponerse a
to begin to, to start to
principiar a
to begin to, to start to
quedarse a
to remain to
regresar a
to return to
renunciar a
to give up, renounce
resignarse a
to resign onself to
resistirse a
to oppose, to resist