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to order
mandar que
to beg
rogar (ue) que
to beg (sometimes apply)
suplicar que
let's hope that
ojala' que
to advise
aconsejar que
to suggest
sugerir (ie) que
to let, allow
permitir que
to prevent
impedir (i) que
to be against, opposed to
oponerse a que
to forbid
prohibir que
it's pleasant that
es agradable que
it's ridiculous that
es ridi'culo que
it's necessary that (not necesario)
es preciso que
it's strange that (rare)
es raro que
it's surprising that
es sorprendente que
it is too bad
es una la'stima que
it is worthwhile
vale la pena que
to let
dejar que
to demand; require
exigir que