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Imperfect Irregular
Ir; to go
iba ibamos
ibas ibais
iba iban
Preterite Spelling Changes
car -> que (yo form) buscar-> busque
gar -> gue (yo form) llegar-> llegue
Zar -> ce (yo form) empezar-> empece

accent on ending e
Preterite: -AR endings
e amos
aste asteis
o aron
Preterite: -ER/-IR endings
i imos
iste isteis
io ieron
Imperfect- -AR endings
aba abamos
abas abasteis
aba abaron
Imperfect- -ER/-IR endings
ia iamos
ias iais
ias ian
Imperfect Irregular-
Ser; to be
era eramos
eras erais
era eran
Imperfect Irregulars
Ver; to see
veia veiamos
veias veiais
veia veian