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In response to your letter...
Al responder a su/tu carta...
I think that...
Pienso que...
It is necessary to + infinitive
Es necesario + infinitive
What is necessary?
Qué es necesario?
Why? Because, When
Por qué? Porque, Cuando
It's about the bill.
Se trata de la cuenta.
I need...
Where is... located?
Dónde queda...?
There is/are. Is/Are there?
Hay. Hay?
I'd like to return this article.
Me gustaría devolver este artículo.
Many thanks for...
Muchas gracias por...
What kind/type of... is it?
Qué clase de... es.?
I'd like to drink...
Me gustaría beber...
I'd like to visit (place).
Quisiera visitar (place).
I'd like to visit (person).
Me gustaría visitar a (person).
How much does it/do they cost?
Cuánto cuesta(n)?
It's expensive.
Es caro.
It doesn't fit me.
No me queda bien.
It doesn't work./They don't work. (Mechanical items)
No funciona(n). (Mechanical items)
Do you accept credit cards?
Aceptan Uds. tarjetas de crédito?
I'm sorry.
Lo siento.
I'm happy.
Estoy contento.
Send me information on...
Mándame información sobre...
I can/cannot recommend.
Puedo/No puedo recomendar.
I hope you feel better.
Espero que tú te/Ud. se sientas mejor!
It's possible + infinitive.
Es possible + infinitive.
I'm interested in...
Estoy interesado en...
Where can I get...?
Dónde puedo conseguir...?
Can you + infinitive?
Puede + infinitive?
At what time?
A qué hora?