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La equitacion
Horseback Riding
El montanismo
Mountain Climbing
La fotografra
Pasear en velero
To go sailing
Velero - sounds italian, italians only sail, old fashion
Tocar un instrumento
To play an instrument
El Buceo
Scuba Diving
"Buc" name of the stingray that killed crocidile dundee, (He scuba dived)
La escalada deportiva
Rock Climbing
"Escalader" - rocks are harder to climb than mountains, need a escalader
Que Paliza
What a drag
Patinar en linea
To go inline-skating
Patinar sobre hielo
To go ice skating
"Hielo" H = hibrenate
Montar a caballo
To go horseback riding
"Caballo" Instead of taking a cab you rode a horse
El esqui acuatico
To go water skiing
El remo
"Remo" In Reno 911 they stood in a row
Practicar ciclismo
To be a cyclist
Como Quieras
Whatever (you want)
Soy un(a) gran aficionado(a) a...
I'm a big fan of...
Estoy loco(a) por...
I'm crazy about...
Me parece un rollo
It seems really boring to me
"Rollo" Rolling down a hill is boring
No me interesa para nada
It doesnt interest me at all
Me la paso...
I spend my time...
No me importa...
It doesnt matter to me
Estoy harto(a) de...
I am fed up with...
"Harto" Hart and Huntington, they were fed up with there manager
Me da lo mismo
Its all the same to me
"Mismo" Miss Mo
Me da igual
Its all the same to me
"Igual" Iguanas are all the same
Soy un(a) fanatico(a) de...
Im a big fan of...
Sacar fotos
To take pictures
La vela
"Vela" Italian word, italians only sail
Jugar a los videojuegas
To play videogames
El patinaje
"Patinaje" Pat and Tina skate
Escalar montanas
To go mountain climbing
Patinar sobre ruedas
To go roller-skating
"Ruedas" You get red in the summer when you go roller skating
Hacer esqui acuatico
To water skiing
Jugar a las cartas
To play cards
Coleccionar adhesivos/sellos
To collect stamps
Escuchar musica
To listen to music
Leer tiras comicas
To read comics
Ir a la playa
To go to the beach
El saxaton
The saxaphone
La bateria
The drums
La flauta
The flute
El clarinete
The clarinet