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How many are in your party?
Cuántas personas son?
What would you like to eat/drink today?
Qué desearía(-n) comer/tomar hoy?
Would you like a...?
Le(-s) apetecería un(-a)...?
Would you like try...?
Desearía(-n) probar...?
I recommend...
Le(-s) recomiendo...
How would you like...?
Qué le(-s) parecería?
Bring me (us) the menu, please.
Tráigame(-nos) el menú, por favor.
For an appetizer/entree/dessert, I would like...
De aperitivo/plato principal/postre, quisiera/me gustaría...
I don't know what to order/eat/drink.
No sé qué pedir/comer/tomar.
What do you recommend (to me/us)
Qué me/nos recomienda?
Could you come back in a minute, please?
Podría regresar dentro de un momento, por favor?
What's the restaurant's specialty?
Cuál es la especialidad de la casa?
Is it hot/very spicy/heavy?
Es picante/muy condimentado(-a)/pesado(-a)?