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What would you like to eat?
Qué va a comer?
For starters?
De primer plato?
For your main plate?
De segundo plato?
What do you want to drink?
Qué desean beber?
The... is very good/fresh today.
El/la... está muy bueno/fresco hoy.
The menu of the day is...
El menú del día es...
For dessert we have
De postre tenemos...
Here is the bill.
Aquí tienen la cuenta.
Is the... good?
Está bueno el....?
How is the...?
Cómo está el...?
I would like
Me gustaría el...
What do you have for starter/entree/dessert?
Qué hay de primer/segundo plato/postre?
Does it come with fries?
Viene con papas?
What is the menu of the day
Cuál es el menú del día?
The bill, please.
La cuenta, por favor.