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Who wrote the novel Cien Años de Soledad?
Gabriel García MArquez
What is a merendero?
place where freshments or light meals are served.
What is the general name of a store where fish is sold?
When are luminarias used?
at christmas
What are nopales?
and edible cactus usend in salads and as a hot vegetable
What is the Popul Vuh?
Bible fo the Indians of Central America
What is the flor de Nochebuena?
the poinsettia
What is the largest industrial city in Mexico?
From which MExican town did Father Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla issue his grito of revolt?
Where in mexico is a large Volkswagen factory?
Where is the most famous Roman aqueduct in Spain?
What temporary ruler of Mexico lived int he castle in Chapultepec park?
Who is considered the greatest master of modernistic poetry in Latin America?
Ruben Darío
Who painted Las Meninas?
Diego Rodríguez de Silva y Veláqzquez
What famous Argentine general fought for independence in South America?
San Martín