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a la vez (que)
at the same time (as)
a veces, algunas veces
sometimes, at times
a las pocas semanas
a few weeks later
al mes de
a month after
al dia siguiente
the following day
una vez, dos veces, etc.
once, twice, etc.
Has estado allI alguna vez?
Have you ever been there?
a los 11 aNos
at the age of 11
cada vez (que)
every time
cada vez mas
more and more
al caer la noche
at nightfall
cada vez menos
less and less
cada vez la veo mas feliz
she seems happier and happier
a la puerta
at the door
de una vez para siempre | por todos
once and for all
muchas veces
often, a lot
otra vez
pocas veces, rara vez
rarely, seldom
por ultima vez
for the last time
una | alguna que otra vez
una vez mas
once again
una y otra vez
time and again
de vez en cuando
from time to time, now and again
en vez de
instead of
tal vez
perhaps, maybe
una vez que
once, after
tres veces al dia
three times a day
estA a la derecha/izquierda
it's on the right/left
a ultimo momento
at the last moment
al toque
right away, immediately
un par de (dias)
a couple of (days), a few (days)
sI que
really, certainly
even though
on top, on top of that (additionally)
como mucho
at the most
de repente
por lo mismo que
for the same reason that, just like
moreover, besides
ademas de
as well as
en cambio
on the other hand, however
al menos
at least
por lo menos
at least
de verdad
truly, seriously, really
siempre que
whenever, provided that, as long as
siempre y cuando
provided that, as long as
tan pronto como
as soon as (w/subjunctive & indicative)
scarcely, hardly (w/subjunctive & indicative)
despues de que
after (w/subjunctive & indicative)
hasta que
until (w/subjunctive & indicative)
con el proposito de que
with the purpose of (w/subjunctive)
con el objecto de que
with the object of (w/subjunctive)
con el fin de que
in order to (w/subjunctive)
para que
for (w/subjunctive)
since, as
puesto que
since, as
ya que
a causa de que
because of
en vista de que
since, seeing as
a causa de
because of
debido a
owing to, due to
asi que
asi pues
so, therefore
por consiguente
consequently, therefore
por lo tanto
therefore, so
al dia siguiente
the following day
al mediodia
at noon
por la mañana, tarde, etc.
in the morning, afternoon, etc.
tras mucho buscar
after much searching
a no ser que
unless (w/subjunctive)
con tal de que
as long as, provided (w/subjunctive)
a fin de que
in order to (w/subjunctive)
sin que
without (w/subjunctive)
con la condicion de que
provided that
en caso de que
a menos que
con que
as long as
como (que)
en el supuesto de que
a pesar de que
in spite of the fact that, despite
aun cuando
even though
in this way
si bien
although, even though (w/indicative)
por mas que
however much (w/subjunctive & indicative)
por mucho que
however, much, no matter how much (w/subjunctive)
por muy bien que
even if (w/subjunctive)
con el fin
with the purpose of (+ infinitive)
con vistas a
with a view (+ infinitive)
con el fin de que
with the purpose of
tal cual
just as
como si
as if
a pesar de