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to give
to say, tell
to make, do
to go
to play
to hear
to be able to
to put
to want
to leave
to come
to see
to know (information)
to know (familiarity)
to eat lunch
almorzar (o to ue)
to approve
aprobar (o to ue)
to hang (up)
colgar (o to ue)
to count
contar (o to ue)
to cost
costar (o to ue)
to return (an object)
devolver (o to ue)
to sleep
dormir (o to ue)
to find
encontrar (o to ue)
to wrap (up)
envolver (o to ue)
to bite
morder (o to ue)
to die
morir (o to ue)
to show
mostrar (o to ue)
to move (an object)
mover (o to ue)
to prove, test, sample, taste
probar (o to ue)
to remember
recordar (o to ue)
to solve
resolver (o to ue)
to beg, pray
rogar (o to ue)
to sound, ring
sonar (o to ue)
to dream (about)
soñar (con) (o to ue)
to toast
tostar (o to ue)
to return
volver (o to ue)
to fly
volar (o to ue)
to guess, get right
acertar (e to ie)
to advise, warn
advertir (e to ie)
to close, shut
cerrar (e to ie)
to begin
comenzar (e to ie)
to confess
confesar (e to ie)
to consent
consentir (e to ie)
to convert
convertir (e to ie)
to defend
defender (e to ie)
to begin
empezar (e to ie)
to light, kindle
encender (e to ie)
to understand
entender (e to ie)
to scrub, wash dishes
fregar (e to ie)
to boil
hervir (e to ie)
to lie, tell a lie
mentir (e to ie)
to deny
negar (e to ie)
to think (about)
pensar (en) (e to ie)
to lose
perder (e to ie)
to prefer
preferir (e to ie)
to want, wish
querer (e to ie)
to refer
referir (e to ie)
to feel sorry, regret
sentir (e to ie)
to suggest
sugerir (e to ie)
to tremble
temblar (e to ie)
to stumble, bump into
tropezar (con) (e to ie)
to bless
bendecir (e to i)
to deduce
colegir (e to i)
to compete
competir (e to i)
to obtain, get
conseguir (e to i)
to correct
corregir (e to i)
to say, tell
decir (e to i)
to fire
despedir (e to i)
to elect
elegir (e to i)
to fry
freír (e to i)
to groan, moan
gemir (e to i)
to impede, hinder
impedir (e to i)
to curse
maldecir (e to i)
to be long, measure
medir (e to i)
to request, ask for
pedir (e to i)
to laugh
reír (e to i)
to repeat
repetir (e to i)
to follow, continue
seguir (e to i)
to serve
servir (e to i)