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Who wrote Juan de Manara
Antonio y Manuel Machado
What century was Juan written?
siglo 20
Where were the Machados born?
Who was the Machado's father?
Antonio Machado y Àvevarez (Demófilo)
Which of the brothers was considered a Don Juan?
What side of the Spanish Civil War was Antonio on and which was Manuel?
Ant- republicano, Man- Franco
What did ost of the Machado's work consist of
When was Manara written?
Who was the Sevillan legend that Juan de Manara was fashioned after? and in which century?
Miguel de Manara, 17th
What style was Manara written in?
Where did Manara take place?
1st act- Sevilla
2nd act- Paris
3rd act- Sevilla
Who was the woman Juan loved from his chldhood?
What was her vocation?
Who was the "dark" woman Juan had a relation with?
What happened to Elvira?
She had a child with Juan but he died. She killed her husband.
Who is the father of Beatriz?
Don Gonzalez
Who is Beatriz's aunt?
Dona Casilda
What is Don Gil's occupation?
Who is the other man who is in love with Beatriz?
What is Esteban's occupation?
painter and poet
What does don Enrique, the father of Don Juan say to him?
" in vino, veritas"
Where is the place where Juan goes when he sells his campos?
How many year had Juan and Beatriz not seen each other?
What is the relation between Beatriz and Juan?
they are cousins
What does Juan turn into in the third act when he returns to Sevilla?
a saint
What does Jua ndiscover in Elvira's purse?
a knife
Who speaks the las words of Manara?
What happens to Juan in the end of the play?
Beatriz stabs him because he wants to confess for Elviras murder and his heal never wounds, so he dies
Who is the love interest of Lorenzo Gallardo
Reyes, the Duquesa
Who are the daughters of Din Tadeos and who are they in love with?
Rosita and Blanquita, Capitan Marcel Delume
Who is the gypsy?
Who is the servent to the King?
Who speaks the last line of Duquesa?
Who are the banditos in Lorenzos gang?
Pedro, Esteban. Frasco, Paquieron
What tale is the Duquesa similar to?
Robin Hood
When is the setting of Duquesa?
Independence War of Spain 1808-1814
Who was the king of Spain in the war of independence?
Fernando VII
Where is the settin gof Duquesa?
sierras mountains of Andalucia, province outside of cordoba
How was the Duquesa written?
Who dies in the end of Duquesa and how?
Reyes dies because Rocio kills her because she loves Lorenzo
Who is in search of Lorenzo?
Who is Carlos?
he is marques de Peñaflores and is in love with Reyes
What type of tree did the dutchess and lorenzo meet at?
olive grove