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Estoy loco(a) por...(expression)
I'm crazy about...(interest)
Me la paso...(expression)
I spend my time...(interest)
Soy un fanático(a) de...(expression)
I'm a big FAN of...(interest)
Soy un gran aficionado(a)...(expression)
I'm a big fan of...(interest)
Como quieras. (expression)
Whatever (you want) (indifference)
Me da igual. (expression)
It's all the same to me. (indifference)
Me da lo mismo. (expression)
It's all the same to ME. (indifference)
No me importa. (expression)
It doesn't matter to me. (indifference)
Estoy harto(a) de...(expression)
I am fed up with...(displeasure)
Me parece un rollo. (expression)
It seems really boring to me. (displeasure)
No me interesa para nada.(expression)
It doesn't interest me at all. (displeasure)
¡Qué paliza! (expression)
What a drag! (displeasure)
Ver television me parece un rollo.
To watch TV seems really boring to me.