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to face, to look out upon
dar a
to come upon, to find
dar con
to wind
dar cuerda (a)
to give a drink to (to feed)
dar de beber (comer) a
to strike against, to hit
dar en
to shout
dar gritos (voces)
to strike the hour (seven)
dar la hora (las siete)
to shake hands
darse la mano
to thank
dar las gracias (a)
to consider
dar por+ past participle
el profesor dio por terminada la leccion
to consider oneself
darse por+ past participle
me doy por vencido
to give regards to
dar recuerdos (a)
to realize
darse cuenta de
to hurry
darse prisa
to embrace
dar un abrazo
to take a walk
to take a ride (in a car)
dar un paseo
dar un paseo en coche
to take a stroll
dar una vuelta
to be (supposed) to, to have to
haber de+ infinitive
to be sunny
haber sol
to be (very) dusty
haber (mucho) polvo
to be (very) muddy
haber (mucho) lodo
to be foggy, misty
haber neblina
there is moonlight
hay luna
one must, it is necessary
hay que+ infinitive
there is (are)+noun+infinitve
hay muchas cosas que aprender
hace+time expression+que+preterite
Hace una semana que vino a verme
a little while ago
hace poco
to be good (bad) weather
hacer buen (mal) tiempo
to be (very) cold (warm)
hacer (mucho) frio (calor)
to be (very) windy
hacer (mucho) viento
to pay attention to, to heed, to notice
hacer caso de
to work as, to act as
hacer de
to play the role of
hacer el papel de
to break to pieces, to tear (to shreds), to smash
hacer pedazos
to ask a question
hacer una pregunta
to pay a visit
hacer una visita
to take (make) a trip
hacer un viaje
to become (through effort)
to become (grow) late
hacerse tarde
to harm, to damage
hacer dano (a)
to hurt oneself
hacerse dano
to be (very) warm (cold)
tener (mucho) calor (frio)
to be careful
tener cuidado
to have a headache (stomachache, etc.)
tener dolor de cabeza (de estomago, etc.)
to be successful
tener exito
to feel like
tener ganas de
to be (very) hungry (thirsty)
tener (mucha) hambre (sed)
to be to blame (for)
tener la culpa (de)
to take place
tener lugar
to be afraid of
tener miedo de
to consider
tener por+ adjective
to be in a hurry
tener prisa
to have to do with
tener que ver con
to be right (to be wrong)
(no) tener razon -accent on o
to be (very) sleepy
tener (mucho) sueno - ~ over n
to be (very) lucky
tener (mucha) suerte
to be ashamed (of)
tener verguenza (de)- dots over u
to have just
acabar de+ infinitive
to end by, to finally
acabar por+ infinitive
to approach
acercarse a
to remember
acordarse de
to be glad of (to)
alegrarse de
to go away from
alejarse de
to take possession of
apoderarse de
to lean against (on)
apoyarse en
to hurry to
apresurarse a + infinitive
to repent
arrepentirse de
to look out of, to appear at (a window)
asomarse a
to dare to
atreverse a
to make fun of
bularse de
to lack
carecer de
to marry, to get married (to)
casarse (con)
to consent to
consentir en
to consist of
consistir en
to rely on, to count on
contar con
to agree on (to)
convenir en
to take care of (a person)
to take care of (a thing)
cuidar a
cuidar de
to fulfill, to keep (a promise, one's word)
cumplir con
to drop
dejar caer
to fail to, to stop, to neglect to
dejar de+ infinitive
to make one's way to
dirigirse a
to get ready to
disponerse a+infinitive
to start to, to begin to
echarse a+ infinitive
to mail
echar al correo
to miss
echar de menos
to blame
echar la culpa (a)
to insist on, to persist in
empenarse en +infinitive- ~ over n
to fall in love with
enamorarse de
to shrug one's shoulders
encogerse de hombres
to become aware of, to find out about
enterarse de
to be about to
estar a punto de+ infinitive
to be in agreement (with)
estar conforme (con)
estar de acuerdo (con)
to be back
estar de vuelta
to be about to
estar para+ infinitive
to be in favor of
estar por
to trust
fiarse en
to stare at
fijarse en
to enjoy
gozar de
to stay in bed
guardar cama
to insist on
insistir en
to become, to get to be
llegar a ser
to carry out
llevar a cabo
to refuse to
negarse a+infinitive
to hear about
oir hablar de
to smell of
oler a