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a bordo
on board
a buena hora
on time
a cada momento
continually, frequently
a cada paso
at every turn (or step)
a cada rato
each time, all the time
a cambio de
in exchange for
a campo raso
in the open
a campo traviesa
cross country
a casa
a causa de
on account of
a ciegas
a (or De) ciencia cierta
with certainty
¿A cómo se vende?
At what price? How much is it?
a consecuencia de
as a result of
a continuación
below, as follows
a contrapelo
against the grain
a crédito
on credit
¿A cuánto estamos?
What is the date?
a deshora(s)
at all hours, unexpectedly
a despecho de
in spite of
a duras penas
with great difficulty
a escape
rapidly, at full speed, at full sail
a escondidas de
without the knowledge of
a eso de
at about
a espaldas
behind one's back
a falta de
for want of
a fin de cuentas
after all, in the final analysis
a fin de que
in order that, so that
a fines de que
late, towards the end of a period (week, etc.)
a flor de
flush with