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Dar animo
to cheer up
Dar gato por liebre
to deceive, to defraud
Dar marcha atras
to back up
Tener chispa
to be witty
No tener pelos en la lengua
to be outspoken, frank
Poner en duda
to doubt
Poner en peligro
to endanger
Poner peros
to find fault
Ponerse en ridiculo
to make a fool of oneself
hacer(se) (de) la vista gorda
to overlook
Hacerse el tonto (la tonta)
to play dumb
a la larga
in the long run
al fin y al cabo
after all
aqui hay gato encerrado
there's something fishy here
en voz alta (baja)
aloud, in a loud voice (in a loud voice (in a low voice)
Entre la espada y la pared
between a rock and a hard place
Poner el grito en el cielo
to hit the roof