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Mandatos afirmativos con tú
Rule & Conjugate
caminar - volver - abrir
Rule: regular he/she form
camina - vuelve - abre
Mandatos negativos con tú
Rule & Conjugate
llegar - comer - abrir
Rule: present tense yo form with opposite tú form ending
no llegues - no comas - no abras
Mandatos afirmativos y negativos con usted
Rule & Conjugate
hablar - traer - pedir
Rule: present tense yo form with opposite he/she ending
(no) hable - (no) traiga - (no) pida
Mandatos afirmativos y negativos con ustedes
Rule & Conjugate
sacar - comer - abrir
Rule: present tense yo form with opposite they ending
(no) saquen - (no) coman - (no) abran
irregular affirmative tú commands
decir-di, salir-sal, hacer-haz, ser-sé, ir-ve, tener-ten, mantener-mantén, venir-ven, poner-pon
irregular negative tú commands
dar-no des, estar-no estés, ir-no vayas, ser-no seas
similar for ud./uds. forms
Spell-changing in the command
-car, -gar, -zar to keep original sound
c-qu, gu, z-c
Subjunctive mood
Present subjunctive tense
present tense yo form adding subjunctive endings to the stem of the verb
subjunctive endings
-ar -er/-ir
yo -e -a
tú -es -as
él -e -a
nos. -emos -amos
ellos-en -an