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Por que no te gusta le leche?
do you like milk
Uusas un apellid o dos?
do you have one or two last names?
De quienes son los libros
Who's books are these?
A que distancia esta tu casa?
How far is it to your house?
Donde esta la biblioteca?
Where is the library?
Quien es el?
Who is he?
Tienes novio/a, esposo/a? Como es?
Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend, husband or wife? How are they?
Cuando sales? Con quien(es)?
When are you going out? With who?
Sales much?
Do you go out much?
Tienes una familia grande?
Is your family large?
Cuantos anos tienes?
How many years are you?
Que estudias?
What are you studying?
Donde vivies tu?
Where do you live?
Como te llamas?
What is your name?
Como estas?
How are you?
De donde eres?
Where are you from?
Tienes hermanos/as? Cuantos as?
Do you have any
How many?
Eres de los Estados Unidos?
Are you from the United States?
Quien no esta en la clase hoy?
Who is not in class today?
Que clases tomas?
How may classes are you taking
cuantas personas hey en tu familia?
How many people are in your family?
Es grande o pequiena tu familia?
Is your family big or small?
Trabajss los sabados?
do you work on saturday?