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to consider
reparar en
to take for granted
dar por sentado
en serio
to take seriously
tomar en serio
to be up to date on
estar al tanto de
It isn't as bad as that
no es para tanto
por lo tanto
to call into question
poner en tela de juicio
at all costs
a todo trance
to be in the same boat
estar en el mismo trance
to have dealings with
tratat con
to be about
tratar de
to address someone as
tratarlo de
to associate with each other
to be a matter of, involved in
tratarse de
to go into effect
entrar en vigor
no tener pelos en la lengua
just barely
a duras penas
to grieve one
darle pena
to keep in mind
tener presente
to have on the tip of one's tongue
tnere en la punta de la lengua
to agree to
quedar en
to be understood
quedar entendido
to drive one wild
sacarle de quicio
rightly so
con razon
to side with
darle razon a
to be in the right
tener la razon de su parte
to prick up one's ears
aguzar los oidos
hard of hearing
corto de oido
lend an ear
dar oidos
whisper in one's ear
decirle al oido
to reach the ears of
llegar a oidos de
to take a quick look
echar un ojeada
to look with favor upon
mirar con buenos ojos
to sleep not a wink
no pegar ojo
to sharpen one's wit
aguzar las orejas
to keep one's word
cumplir la palabra
to cut someone off
dejarle con la palabra en la boca
to address
dirigir la palabra
ligero de palabra
not to speak to each other
sin cruzar la palabra
to derive benefit from
sacar partido de
to take sides
tomar partido
to overlook
pasar por alto