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to become rich
hacerse rico
to become famous
hacerse famoso
to become a doctor
hacerse medicó
to become a republican
hacerse republicano
to get dark
hacerse de noche
to become necessary
hacerse necesario
to get late
hacerse tarde
to become serious
ponerse serio
to blush
ponerse colorado
became think
ponerse delgado
to become yellow
ponerse amarillo
to become a butterfly
convertirse en mariposa
to become a werewolf
convertirse en hombre lobo
to become ice
convertirse en hielo
to become a problem
convertirse en un problema
to become crazy
volverse loco
become a champion (over time)
llegar a ser campeón
become great friends (over time)
llegar a ser grandes amigos
become powerful (over time)
llegar a ser poderosa
to become (inquire about what's happened)
hacerse / ser de
to become an actress (when I think they are not qualified)
meterse a actriz
to become bald
quedarse calvo
to become blind
quedarse ciego
to be left alone
quedarse solo
to become deaf
quedarse sordo
to become a widow
quedarse viudo/a