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Do you know the way?
Sabes el camino?

Be familiar with or have information about something.
Ruben knows how to read.
Ruben sabe leer.

To know how: SABER + INF.
We all know the Ten Commandments by heart.
Todos (nos) sabemos de memoria los diez mandamientos.

To know very well, by heart: SABER(se) de memoria
When did you find out that you had won the prize?
Cuándo supo ud. que había ganado el premio?

Learned or found out: preterito de SABER
This meat tastes like pig.
Esta carne sabe a cerdo.

to taste of: SABER a + nombre
I know Chopin's music very well.
Conozco bien la música de Chopin.

To be acquianted with or familiar with: CONOCER
I passed next to him, but he didn't recognize me.
Pasé junto a él pero no me reconoció
Julio and I met last year.
Julio y yo nos conocimos el año pasado.

Met, was introduced: preterito de CONOCER
Be familiar with, have information about something
To know very vell, by heart
SABER(SE) de memoria
To know how
Learned or found out
preterito de SABER
To taste of/like
SABER A + nombre
Be acquainted with or familiar with
To recognize
Met, was introduced
Preterito de CONOCER