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I don't understand Spanish.
No entiendo espanol.
I don't understand.
No comprendo.
Excuse me
Speak more slowly, please.
Hable mas despacio, por favor.
Please, write it down.
Por favor, escribalo.
What does ....mean?
Que quiere decir....?
How do you say.....?
Como se dice........?
I don't know.
No se.
Wait a moment.
Espere un momento, gracias.
What would you like?
Que desea usted?
I don't want anything.
No deseo nada.
There is no problem.
No hay problema.
Who is it?
Quien es?
What is this?
Que es esto?
How much?
Which one?
Por que
Do you have....?
Tiene usted....?
I don't have
No tengo.
We don't have
No hay or No tenemos
I am lost.
Estoy perdido (m)
Estoy perdida (f)
Where is......?
Donde esta.....?
can you give me.....?
Puede usted darme.....?
What did you say?
Como dice?
Please repeat
Repita por favor.
Hable mas alto, por favor
Speak louder, please
Me oye ahora?
Do you hear me now?
Si, lo oigo muy bien
Yes, I hear you very well
Creo que si
I think so
Que mas?
What else?
Algo mas?
Anything more?
No, nada mas.
No, nothing else
Necesito un traductor
I need a translator
Hasta pronto
See you soon
No me siento muy bien
I don't feel very well
Tengo mucho sueno
I am very sleepy
Estoy muy cansado
I am very tired
No estoy segura
I am not sure
Lo siento mucho
I am very sorry
Estoy enfermo (m)
enferma (f)
I am sick
Me enferme hace dos dias.
I have been sick for two days
Me siento mal.
I don't feel well.
Necesito esta receta de la farmacia
I need this prescription filled.
Me duele la cabeza
I have a headache
Tengo dolor de estomago
I have a stomachace
Tengo ganas de vomitar
I feel like throwing up
Estoy mareado (m)
mareada (f)
I am dizzy.
Me duele el pecho
I have chest pains.
Tengo fiebre
I have a fever
Necesito un medico
I need a doctor
una enfermera
a nurse
una ambulancia
an ambulance
Llevenme al hospital, por favor
Take me to the hospital, please
Padezco del corazon
I have a heart condition
Soy diabetico (m)
diabetica (f)
I am diabetic
I fell down
Me cai
I hurt my leg
Me lastime una pierna
I have a toothache
Me duele una muela
Where else does it hurt?
Que mas le duele
My back hurts
Me duele la espalda
el hombro
my left knee
la rodilla izquierda
my right leg
la pierna derecha
I have aches in my arms
Me duelen los brazos
my eyes
los ojos
Auxilio or Socorro
Where were you born
Donde nacio usted?
Where do you live
Donde vive?
Are you single or married?
Soltero o casado? (m)
Soltera o casada? (f)
That is fine
Esta muy bien
Thank you very much
Muchas gracias
My pleasure
el placer es para mi
It is over
se acabo
it's about time
ya es tiempo!
You're here!
Usted aqui!
What's going on?
Que pasa?
I don't have time
No tengo tiempo
I'm afraid
tengo miedo
to do my best
hacer lo mejor
smoking prohibited
prohibido fumar
your are crazy
esta loco
one more
otro mas
it is cold
hace frio
See you tomorrow
Nos vemos manana
Good luck
Buena suerte
From now on
De ahora en adelante
It is time to go
Es hora de irse
It is hot
Hace calor
I'm use to it
Estoy acostumbrado
I think so
Creo que si
It is far from here
Es lejos de aqui
It is near here
Es cerca de aqui
That's right
Es correcto
It is easy
Es facil
It is true
Es verdad
Absolutely not
absolutamente no
How old are you
Cuantos anos tiene usted
I am hungry
Tengo hambre
Better and better
Mejor and mejor
As soon as possible
Lo mas pronto posible
I am leaving
Me voy
Have a good trip
Tenga un buen viaje
Like this
So much the better
Tanto mejor
To ask questions
Hacer preguntas
Me too
Yo tambien
What time is it
Que hora es
It smells good
Huele rico
It smells bad
Huele muy mal
What is the date today
Que fecha es hoy
That is enough
Es suficiente
Me neither
yo tampoco
By the way
A proposito
I want to speak with the doctor
Quiero hablar con el doctor
Are you coming with me
Usted me acompana
I see it
Lo veo
Show me
I knew it
Lo sabia
So many things
Tantas cosas
More and more
Mas y mas
You speak too fast
Usted habla demasiado rapido
On one side
Por un lado
You look tired
Usted se ve cansado
Do it right
Hagalo correctamente
Not too fast
No tan rapido
Come closer
Venga mas cerca
Get up
A veces
What is he talking about
de que esta hablando
I'll miss you
le extranare
I would like a coffee please
Quisiera un cafe por favor
What do you think
Que piensa usted
Where are you going
Donde va usted
I noticed that
Yo lo note
I can do it
Lo puedo hacer
There are too many people here
Hay demasiada gente aqui
Of course
Otra vez
Creo que no
I don't think so
No me diga eso
Don't tell me that
No me gusta
I don't like it
No exagere
Don't exaggerate
Esta abierto?
Is it open?
Doble a la izquierda
Turn left
Doble a la derecha
Turn right
De vez en cuando
Once in a while
Esta mintiendo
You're lying!
Get ready
Puede olerlo
Can you smell it?
Tenga cuidado
Be careful
Deme una mano
Give me a hand
Esta sucio
It is dirty
Pienselo bien
Think twice
Estoy aburrida
I'm bored
Usted esta de mal humor
You are in a bad mood
No esta mal
It's not bad
No es dificil
It is not hard
Usted es bueno
You are nice
Ella es tan inteligente
She is so smart
to learn by heart
Hable mas fuerte, por favor
Please speak louder
Es divertido
It is funny
Como le va?
How are you doing?
Sea paciente
Be patient
With me
Esto es la verdad
This is the truth
No conozco a nadie
I don't know anybody
Usted tiene que hablar
You have to speak
No hay nadie que
Nobody is here
Estoy contenta
I am happy
Vengas conmigo
Come with me
Es demasiado
It is too much
Es imposible
It is impossible
Quiero mas
I want more
When do you go there
Cuando va alla
No importa
It doesn't matter
Lo ve
Do yo see it?
Let's go!
In an hour
En una hora
No completamente
Not quite
Querido amigo (m)
amiga (f)
Dear friend
Duerma Bien
sleep well
Aqui esta usted
Here you are
Tell me
No lo sabe
Don't you know?
No se preocupe
Don't worry
Hagame saber
Let me know
Pase mi examen
I passed my exam
Puedo ayudarle
Can I help you
Que tenga buen dia
Have a nice day
El esta muerto
He is dead
Encantada de conocerle
Nice to meet you
En el medio
In the middle
Ya lo tengo
I've got it
llameme manana
Call me tomorrow
My pleasure
el placer es para mi
It's about time!
Ya es tiempo!
I don't have time
No tengo tiempo
Come closer
Venga mas cerca