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Ser is used when?
1. With adjectives to describe physical traits, personality, an inherent characteristics
2. To identify people or things
3. To express origin and nationality.
4. To tell of what material things are made.
5. To tell time.
With impersonal expressions.
Estar is used when?
1. With adjectives to describe temporal evaluation of states of being, behavior, and conditions.
2. To indicate location.
3. To form the progressive tense.
What is the comparative of superiority?
What is the comparative of inferiority?
How do you use más/menos in a sentence.
What are the four adjectives with irregular comparatives? What do they mean?
mayor - older
menor - younger
mejor - better
peor - worse
What are the uses of por?
1. by, by means of
2. through, along, on
What are the uses of para?
1. in order to
2. for, as in a point of view or in relation to others
It is preferable to travel by train.
Es preferible viajar por tren.
I am a chemistry student and these are my textbooks.
Yo soy estudiante de química y éstos son mis libros de texto.
The cat is big.
El gato es grande.
The furniture is made of plastic
Los muebles son de plástico.
I have to pass through the plaza.
Tengo que pasar por la plaza.
The bathroom is dirty.
El baño está sucio.
The apartment is near the supermarket.
El apartamento está cerca del supermercado.
Through the Avenue of the Libertador.
Por la Avenida del Libertador.
Carlos is cleaning the apartment.
Carlos está limpiando el apartamento.
I go through this street in order to arrive at Patio Bullrich.
Voy por esta calle para llegar a Patio Bullrich.
We are American.
Somos americanos.
Do you know my younger brother?
Conoces a mi hermano menor?
I am going to drink coffe in order for me to not sleep.
Voy a tomar café para no dormirme.
For them it is not good to walk.
Para ellos no es bueno caminar.
Who is older, you or me?
Quién es mayor, tú o yo?
My sister is taller than I.
Mi hermana es más alta que yo.
You pay less rent than we do.
Tú pagas menos alquiler que nosotros.
Your apartment is closer than ours.
Tu apartamento está más cerca que el de nosotros.