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Female noun endings
-a, -ción, -tad, -dad,

ex. mesa, nación, libertad, universidad
Masculine noun exceptions
-many words ening in "-ma" are masculine.

-example--el problema, el programa, el sistema
un, una
-one, a, an
unos, unas
-plural of "tú" and "usted"
vosotros/vosotras (Spain)
-plural of "tú" and "usted"

-"ustedes" is exclusively the plural of "usted"
Nouns that end in a vowel form plurals by adding
-an "-s" ending.

Nouns that end in a consonant form plurals by adding
-an "-es" ending.

Nouns that end in a "-z" form plurals by
-changing the "-z" to a "-c" before adding the "-es" ending.

-lápiz becomes lápices.
plural of el, la, un, una
-los, las, unos, unas