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Buenas noches
Good Evening
Good Night
Buenas tardes
Good Afternoon
Hasta la vista
See you later
Hasta pronto
See you soon
Hasta manana
See you tomorrow
Como estas?
How are you (familiar)
No muy bien
Not very well
Que pasa?
What's happening/what's going on?
Como se llama usted
What's your name? (formal)
Como te llamas (tu)
What's your name? (fam.)
Le presento a...
I would like to introduce (name) to you (fam.)
Te presento a...
I would like to introduce (name) to you. (fam.)
Este es...
This is...(masculine)
Esta es...
This is...(feminine)
Por favor
De Nada
You're welcome
No hay de que
You're welcome
Lo siento
I'm sorry
Muchas gracias
Thank you very much/thank's a lot