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to have dinner/supper
dejar la propina
to leave a tip
lal especialidad de la casa
the specialty of the house
el/la mesero/a
food server
No, gracias, so'lo la cuenta.
No thanks, just the check
Para mi'. . .
I'll have. . .
pedir (i) la comida
to order food
Por favor, me trae. . .
Please bring me. . .
?Que' desea (n) de. . .?
What would you like for. . .?
?Que' le traigo de. . .?
What shall I bring for you?
?Que' me recomienda?
What do you recommend?
Recomiendo. . .
I recommend. . .
?Se le(s) ofrece algo ma's?
Would you care for anything else?
Servir (i) el postre
to serve dessert
traer la comida
to bring the meal
?Ya sabe (n) que' va(n) a pedir?
Do you know what you're going to order?