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antiguo before and after
before : old/former
after: ancient
cierto/a before after
before : a certain thing
after: correct
mismo/a before after
before: same
after: the thing itself
nuevo/a before after
before : new/different
after: brand new
pobre before/after
before: unfortunate
after: poor (money)
viejo/a before after
before: long-standing
after: old
uses for ser
nationality/place of origin
material of composition
time, date, or season
where and when an event takes place
uses for estar
physical states and conditions
emotional states
certain weather expressions
on-going actions (progressive tenses)
results of actions (past participles)
listo w/ ser vs estar
ser listo - to be smart
estar list0- to be ready
loco w/ ser vs estar
ser loco- to be crazy
estar loco - to not know what your doing/talking about
mal w/ ser vs estar
ser mala - bad
estar mala- ill
seguro w/ ser v estar
ser seguro - to be safe
estar seguro - to be sure
vivo w/ ser vs estar
ser vivo - to be lively
estar vivo - to be living