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Alguna or unas
Este es rico, el tiene mucho dinero.
El hermano es rico.
La hermana no es tan rica
El muchacho no es alto
This one is rich, He has much money
The brother is rich
The sister is not so rich
The boy is not tall
El otro no es tan alto

El otro no es rico

el no tiene dinero
The other is not so tall

The other is not rich

He has no money
Este muchacho

Esta muchacha

Esta muchacha alto
This boy
this girl
this tall girl
estas serientes
las serpientes
unas serpientes
la paloma come
las palomas comen
These snakes
The snakes
some snakes
The dove eats
The doves eat
La serpiente oye la paloma
La serpiente la oye
unas serpientes
las otras serpientes
unas serpientes duermen mucho
The snake hears the dove
The snake hears it
some snakes
The other snakes
Some snakes sleep a lot.
pero si la paloma muere la serpiente vive.
La serpiente come la paloma.
Pero las palomas no comen la serpiente.
Bit of the dove dies the snake lives.
The snake eats the dove
But the doves don't eat the snake.
Las palomas la atacan pero no las comen.
Las palomas las atacan pero no las comen
The doves attack it but they don't eat it
The doves attack them but they don't eat them.
Esta paloma duerme, esa serpiente come.
Cuando las otras palomas duermen, una serpiente las ataca.
This dove sleeps, that snake eats.
When the other doves sleep, a snake attacks them.
Usted habla espanol?
Senor, por favor pase
Y usted?
Si, yo se
Yo tambein
Do you speak Spanish
Please sir, go in
And you?
Yes I know
Me too , also
Hasta la vista
un poco
mas o menos
Come se dice "dog" in espanol.
Venga conmigo
So long
a bit or less
more or less
How does on say dog in spanish?
Come with me
Como se dice?
Este es Sam
Ese es Jenna
How does one say?
This is Sam
That is Jenna