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to be the talk of the town
andar de boca en boca
silence is golden
en boca cerrada no entran moscas
to lick one's lips; to make one's mouth water
hacerse la boca agua
to be flabbergasted
quedarse con la boca abierta
to insist on one's position or opinion
no dar brazo a torcer
to be someone's right-hand man/woman
ser el brazo derecho de alguien
no to do anything
cruzarse de brazos
to be tight-fisted
tener el (ser) codo duro
to be a good, non-discriminating eater
tener buen diente
not to mean what one says
decir algo de dientes afuera
to mumble, to talk to oneself
hablar entre dientes
to be a bigmouth
tener la lengua larga
to be very frank
no tener pelos en la lengua
at one's fingertips
al alcance de la mano
to catch someone red-handed
coger (a alguien) con las manos en la mesa
to lend a hand
dar una mano
to go too far
irsele la mano
to wash one's hands (disclaim responsibility for)
lavarse las manos
to cost an arm and a leg
costar un ojo de la cara
(not) to like
(no) mirar con buenos ojos
Watch out!
!(mucho) ojo!
with many details
con pelos y senales
to have one's hair stand on end
ponersele (a uno) los pelos de puntas
to pull one's leg, to tease
tomarle el pelo (a uno)
to be very cautious
andar con pies de plomo
from head to toe
de pies a cabeza
to start off on the right foot
entrar con el pie derecho
to plant one's feet firmly on the ground
poner (tener) los pies en el suelo
to lose one's head
perder la cabeza
to rack one's brain
romperse la cabeza